What is Tutoring?

Tutoring helps students with subject-specific content. Need to memorize something for a test, practice math formulas, or write an essay for a class? Subject specific tutors are great for this kind of work.


What is Coaching?

Need help organizing your thinking and writing process so you can research and write independently? Or want to understand why you’re having a hard time understanding concepts taught in class? Talk to me as your coach.

I also have extensive experience in skills and content specific tutoring, and sometimes our work together will involve a tutoring element. But my focus is on your academic and life success, which means we will first investigate elements that make learning challenging, teach new learning strategies, and help to refine crucial skills like time management and organization so that you can learn more confidently and independently in any subject. The goal of academic coaching is to help you become self-sufficient. Once we make progress on some management skills and implement certain learning strategies, you will start to enjoy the learning process and become an independent, confident thinker.

How does life coaching fit into Champion's academic coaching model?

In life coaching, we uncover your unique strengths using various psychometric assessments/tools (that include personality profiles, reasoning tests, motivation questionnaires, and ability assessment. Understanding your unique strengths is a tremendous asset when setting and aligning goals. When you understand how to incorporate and utilize your unique strengths, you develop a powerful inner compass that guides your course in a more purposeful and less stressful state.

Champion’s guide is Dr. Rogers' motto: “Be responsible for your own intelligence”.


I care very deeply about inspiring young learners to set high goals for themselves, and empowering them to achieve.

Of course parents care about these same things. Perhaps surprisingly, the teens care, too… for the most part, they want

to be successful - they really do!


Champion is here to help those of you who want to be successful academically, but are struggling with any number of various things, from time management, to organization, to general learning strategies.


Do you find yourself working really hard, only to end up with disappointingly low grades?


Learning new strategies for time management is critical for students today, especially those attending high-performance, high-expectation learning institutions. There are many demands on teen’s time outside of homework: sports, music, arts, friends, and simply having some downtime to yourself to reflect and recharge.

At Champion, we present information in a very user-friendly way that can be immediately applied to your learning.


Much of this starts with simple organization as a basis / foundation… organizing your time, your stuff, and your thinking.  Many teenagers just need a gentle but straight talking adult to help them troubleshoot their processes.


Our goal is to have you become more confident about your approach to the learning process, regardless of the topic, assignment, or subject area.  

We teach strategies that help you work smarter, not harder, to transform you into a self sufficient learner, ultimately supporting your success not only in school, but in life.



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