Tuition Team

Mr. Naga

Naga is a member of the dynamic tutoring team at Champion. He has been working one-on-one with students since 2005. Over the course of these last fifteen years working with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, learning systems, and demands, Naga has pretty much seen it all. 

The love for mathematics coupled with a passion for sharing the joy of problem-solving have been the driving forces in his journey as a personal tutor. 

His interactions with students have led him to believe that “math anxiety” is a real phenomenon, and that it can be overcome by taking a methodical approach to ensuring understanding of concepts, as opposed to rote memorization of mathematical processes. The key to success with this approach is to help a student develop this mathematical fluency in a manner that suits his/her learning style. 

Naga’s biggest satisfaction is when students experience their “eureka” moments while learning new ideas, and are able to articulate concepts behind the ideas while integrating them with their prior knowledge. 

In line with Champion’s philosophy of attaining critical skills development in a student’s journey of self-discovery, Naga’s core goals in his interaction with his students are to equip them with a suite of problem-solving tools and create a spirit of independent learning. 

In his free time, Naga enjoys letting his hair down at rock concerts, swimming in waterfalls, and reading up about cetaceans. 

Naga has a Master’s in Business Administration from Victoria University, Melbourne. Naga is also certified in Vedic Math.

Mr. Joel

Early in his education, Joel became a keen observer of his teachers, comparing their different philosophies and instructional approaches. By continuing his careful analysis throughout his years of learning, he slowly and deliberately amassed a collection of effective teaching techniques and was inspired to master them himself and become an academic tutor, specializing in his favorite subjects: math, science, and economics. 

In his work as a tutor over the past eight years, he has ensured that each student engages their critical thinking to develop a picture of the world at the atomic level and couples that understanding with the mathematical language which we apply to study and explain problems. 

Joel ensures that his students set and maintain clear goals for their subject learning that are aligned with their overall objectives, and relates work done at each lesson to show continual progress towards their overall educational goals. 

While his primary mode of tutoring falls under the broad category of "teaching," it is significantly augmented with a range of techniques specifically tailored to support effective instruction with each different topic taught. Regardless of which methods he is using, however, he prioritizes a high level of organization with all his tutoring sessions to keep students on track. 

Joel’s extensive experience allows him to anticipate pitfalls and any potential misunderstandings with his students, and apply specific teaching techniques to easily address and ensure solid comprehension of the material. This experience has also reiterated the importance of maintaining clarity with all dimensions of the learning journey to best support students’ pursuit of their educational goals. 

Joel enjoys traveling in his spare time.

Joel has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance (Hons) from the University of London (in association with London School of Economics and Political Sciences).


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