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Educational Psychology Assessment

What is a Psychological-Educational Evaluation?

A psychological-educational (psych-ed) evaluation is a group of assessments given to students to better understand their learning profile. It gives valuable information on how people learn, and their strengths and weaknesses. A psych-ed evaluation has four different areas that provide context: norm referenced or standardized assessments, interviews, behavioral observations and informal assessment procedures.

Why is this important for my child?

A psych-ed evaluation can help parents and educators target learning weaknesses and build on strengths. It is a multimethod assessment, which means information is gathered from several relevant sources and interpreted to understand the person’s cognitive, academic and social strengths and weaknesses. It will help caretakers and educators understand the nature, presence and degree of any learning or social/emotional needs of a child.

Who will conduct my child’s evaluation?

A highly trained and qualified psychologist will facilitate the evaluation. Champion’s psychologist is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (USA) with many years of experience working in schools, conducting assessments and interpreting results.

What will an evaluation entail?

Champion’s psychologist will meet with your child for three to four hours. This can be all at once, with breaks built-in, or in two separate meetings, depending on your schedule and urgency of need. To minimize distractions, parents are not allowed in the room while the assessments are being conducted, but are welcome to wait close by.

How can I prepare my child for this experience?

Let your child know they are going to be having some assessments done in order to help you and them understand themselves better. Our Champion psychologist can answer any questions or concerns your child may have during the session. This is handled in a positive manner with careful attention given to articulating how the experience will help the child be most successful.

What skills and abilities are assessed in the evaluation?

Cognitive processing, reading, reading comprehension, written expression, math skills, listening skills and spelling are covered in all evaluations. In some cases if determined necessary, assessments to test attention, focus, emotional development, social development and memory are also included in the evaluation.


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