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Our trademarked process called PULSE™ empowers you by uncovering your personal strengths, discovering your unique learning style, and aligning your goals to give you the confidence to succeed.

• Does school stress you out?

• Do you feel like you spend most of your time outside of school hours studying?

• Do you struggle with time management and organization?

• Are you a master procrastinator?

• Do you want to raise your grades?



Dr. Rogers has combined what she's learned over her 20+ years of teaching, interactions with thousands of students, and her own education and research to create a system designed to transform your academic and life experience as a student.


PULSE™ is a highly personalized system that will discover your unique attributes and serve as a basis to design a plan that you can use for the rest of your learning journey. PULSE™ will help you understand important rules for learning, uncover your unique strengths, and empower you with more confidence to manage school and stress, feel smart, and get more done in less time so you still have time to have more free-time to enjoy!

Champion Coaching Student


  • Overcome procrastination and take charge of your life

  • Get organized so you can focus on learning

  • Teach your brain to learn anything you are taught

  • Take better notes that make key points easy to remember

  • Make your study time fun and compelling so that you are confident for every test

  • Learn skills for staying inspired and keeping your cool in the midst of pressure so you don’t lose momentum

  • Create a study system that’s solely yours so that EVERY semester is your best semester ever… for the rest of your life!

Stop stressing about school! Learn how to study effectively!
Work smarter, not harder! Free up your precious time
and watch your grades soar!

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Image by Nicolas D.


  • Are you nervous about transitioning from a learning environment into the professional working world?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the idea of going out and looking for your first job?

  • Do you know what your strengths are, and how to maximize them in both your job search and once in your first job after school?

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