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Academic-Life Coaching

"What would you do with your time if no one made you?” That was our family’s Champion Covid Challenge when we went into lockdown and were sequestered to our home in Singapore. Dr. Rogers has been coaching my 2 high school children for the last year and also helping me with my start-up. The executive functioning skills that we have developed under her care (and that she emphasised would be our “bridge over troubled water”) saved us during this exceptionally difficult time. Dr. Rogers was instrumental in helping my children flex the EF skills they developed under her care in their e-learning journeys so that they were able to keep up with their studies and end the school year strong. Dr. Rogers also helped us embrace the challenges that COVID and lockdown presented. We accepted her Champion Covid Challenge and with her guidance, took on new projects that we would otherwise almost certainly not have done. The absolute and utmost appreciation from the entire Reddy family for Dr. Rogers’ guidance and continued support!


The Ready's Are Ready!

Champion Covid Challenge

My daughter, Rosie first met Vicki about two years ago. At 14, she was in deep water, stuck in an unproductive and frustrating cycle of “working hard” on schoolwork, but finding it impossible to retrieve that knowledge when doing homework, tests, etc. Our bright, bubbly, and enthusiastic girl was quickly losing her mojo and becoming more anxious by the week.


Vicki opened the door of her beautiful studio that first day, and it was the start of a wonderful process of change. Over the coming months, Vicki rebuilt Rosie’s whole approach to the school week, from communicating with teachers to scheduling homework to note-taking to revision. Within a couple of weeks, her sense of fear and worry abated as confidence took root. The strategies and systems Vicki had devised not only worked from a productivity angle but were also allowing Rosie to reestablish her sense of capability, control, and agency. This went a long way to giving her a much clearer and more positive way forward at a time when she needed to create a new and stronger platform for herself. 


Vicki gives students the enormous gift of confidence - there is nothing that can’t be tackled and addressed using her strategies.  Supported by Vicki’s ever-positive, can-do attitude, Rosie has lifted herself out of the doldrums and continues to do well in her schooling, which of course feeds into every aspect of her life. 


We are hugely grateful to Vicki for helping us get Rosie on a solid footing. Time spent with her is like a shot in the arm, and we strongly recommend Vicki to any student or parent who might be feeling adrift.


MG Family

Enormous Gift of Confidence

We first learned about Dr. Rogers and the Champion community during a parent coffee at my child’s school. When my family moved from Indonesia to Singapore, it was one of the first things I was encouraged to look into to support my family in their transition, my middle child who has a learning difference, and my oldest child who was entering a critical exam year in her IB diploma program. Dr. Rogers, her Champion community (which truly has been a blessing for my family and our transition to a new country--our 3rd in 5 years!), and even Champion’s Facebook site have been oxygen for us. Dr. Rogers is helping to support my oldest in exam prep and answering the “What’s next?” question after graduation, coaching my middle child in developing important executive functioning skills for his learning and school, and helping me figure out how to navigate a new country and school for my kids. Dr. Rogers is our oxygen and we feel more confident about our respective duties and responsibilities as a result of her support. She keeps attempting to “Champion us out” but I’m not ready! That said, I know if we had to do it alone, we could because of what we have learned from her. Thank you, Dr. Rogers!

The Park Family


We were referred to Dr. Rogers by Dr. Roby Marcou for support for our IB student, who has executive function issues, i.e. challenges in getting organised.  As IB progressed and our daughter felt increased stress and anxiety, Dr. Rogers became more than an executive functions coach.  Our daughter went through a period of refusing to go to school and wanting to transfer out of her IB program.


Dr. Rogers provided a calm, experienced voice working with our daughter to get back on track, finish up her requirements and graduate on time from her IB program.


Had Dr. Rogers not been there providing support to our daughter (but not doing the work for her!), I honestly do not believe that our daughter would have graduated.


Dr. Rogers was always available, providing advice both for our daughter and us, including book recommendations to help us, as parents, gain a better understanding of what our daughter was going through and how best we could help.


Dr. Rogers also provided suggestions for what to do in a gap year, where our daughter is currently and thriving.


We are happy to recommend Dr. Rogers to any student with studying challenges or who needs an academic coach.  We are, and always will be,  very grateful that Dr. Rogers was available to support our daughter.


Very Grateful

My wife and I were lost in trying to figure out how to navigate our children's schools, teachers, administration, and learning process until we started seeing Dr. Rogers. Dr. Rogers is helping us learn how to best communicate with schools (specifically, the language to use and not use!) so that our wishes are heard. She is also helping us understand the complicated (to us anyway!) pathways that our high school children are navigating so that we can support them in planning ahead and knowing what to expect in their learning journey (both my wife and I were educated in a different system than our children are in). Most significantly, however, she is coaching us, through a Strength-based coaching model, which is helping us make generative decisions about how to be our best selves and meet our goals. She played an instrumental role in helping our senior think through the complicated process of shortlisting universities that align with her strengths and are an optimal fit for her academic interest. My children connect, respect, and really look forward to seeing Dr. Rogers. As a former international school student and teacher, they felt like they had a lot more in common with her than with their parents--understandably! Dr. Rogers' ability to connect quickly and establish rapport is exceptional. It's not an over-exaggeration to say that we all feel a lot more functional and confident because of the coaching, consulting, and wise counsel we are receiving from Dr. Rogers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

K.T Family

Dr. Rogers--Our Beacon

I entered Dr. Rogers' course thinking I would learn a few useful tips and tricks. While my original method of working late nights was sufficient enough to pull me through semester one, I felt I had room for improvement. Instead, what I took away from the session was a radically different view, not only based on speculation but proven through successful trials and analyses. Her lessons gave me insight into how we could use the brain to learn faster and easier, the ability to organize the little portions of time into an hour of solid work, and the skills I needed to prepare for any upcoming test. After coaching from Dr. Rogers and applying the new set of skills learnt, I was able to comfortably manage my time while playing sports at a high-intensity level (2-3 hours a day) and still maintain a GPA of above 3.85 for the next semester. Looking back, I cannot believe how much I have grown in such a short amount of time, and my deepest thanks go out to Dr. Rogers.

Jay Ang, Freshman.

Once drowning in work, now swimming in style.

Dr. Rogers was introduced to us by Dr. Marcou to help support our teenage ADHD child's executive functioning skills. However we, as a family, and our child got so much more than this from Dr. Rogers. She helped navigate some very tricky and unpleasant school situations including a transition, with the benefit of her years of experience. She was always on hand with a listening ear and practical advice.  Above and beyond anything she does to help with organisation and the practical side of schooling and learning she is a very warm empathetic human - both to the student and to the family. This small paragraph can never do justice to all she has meant to us.


Much more than a coach...

Our son started working with Dr. Rogers four months ago; back then we had a child who didn’t want to go to school, had erratic grades of 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and an occasional 6 (IB) and he could not organise himself or any of his school work. With reluctance and skepticism, he attended the Champion Study Skills Seminar. This was an evident turning point for him where he gained confidence and hope from the new skills he learned. Over the next few months, he started to mature more in his schooling by applying the skills and strategies that were continually reinforced and developed in his coaching sessions. As Dr. Rogers got to know and understand him more, we could clearly see bonds emerging, and in turn, his trust and huge respect for her developed. Her guidance and mentoring for our son at a really difficult time in his life was in no doubt the reason why he gained confidence, hope, skills and motivation to turn the school semester around and end the year with mostly 6’s and 7’s, achieve Honour Roll and be recognised with a “Rising Star Award” for significant academic improvement!

As a parent, the support, guidance, and coaching I personally received were equally important. Having a child with some challenges can at times be a very lonely road, but with Vicki, I knew I had back up. From navigating educational psychologist reports to accommodation plans to challenging teachers to behavioural issues to just needing a cry, Vicki was there for us and provided exceptional support. I honestly cannot say enough about how amazing she has been and how utterly grateful we are for the exceptional gift she has in relating to our kids. We want to take her with us when we leave Singapore!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Vicki!!!!


Utterly grateful.

My daughter has always been a “good student”, but I could see her stress and anxiety increasing as she started high school. I wanted to help but didn’t know where to start. I had never been taught study skills in school! I have noticed a big difference in my daughter’s study habits since she took Dr. Rogers’, “Crack Your Learning Code: Death of the All Nighter” seminar and started seeing her regularly!  She really looks up to her and I can totally see why!!


Recognizing the importance of study skills.

We have our family back. We have repaired our relationship with our children and with each other through having established some very important (and long overdue) boundaries, schedules, and expectations. Dr. Rogers is an excellent parent coach and teacher. Her strength-based approach has given us our confidence back and helped us see what we each contribute to our family unit. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Dr. Rogers!

The Baring Family

Back and better than ever.

We arrived in the Champion studio in trouble. My wife and I knew that we needed support in finding a co-parenting platform to guide our children (we have 5!). Through our weekly sessions with Dr. Rogers, we have gained a newfound appreciation for our parenting journey and learned how we can both contribute in generative and collaborative ways. Dr. Rogers gives us tasks and “parenting homework” to complete between many of our sessions, which help us to focus on developing specific parenting skills. Our kids see the difference, but more importantly, we are a happier and more cohesive family than ever. Dr. Rogers, thank you ever so much!

Team Tanner

Finally on the same page…

My grades have never been better since I started to see Dr. Rogers. She has taught me how to manage my time and prioritize my days in ways that MAKE SENSE TO ME. Also, the study and test-taking skills she has taught me are more useful than I could ever imagine. I just got my final grades back for the first semester and am psyched because I made the scholars' list, which means I have a GPA higher than 3.7! I couldn't have done it without Dr. Rogers’ support…for sure!



Vicki is definitely one of the best coaches with the most marvellous personalities I've ever met. The IB results of my son would not be the same without the tremendous effort and outstanding support from Vicki. From the first meeting (and the many that followed), Vicki was fully committed and able to establish an outstanding relationship with my son on many different emotional levels. Impressively, she managed to do this within an extremely short period of time! Vicki provided the perfect balance of guidance, coaching, academic support, and “kick in the pants” right when my son needed it the most. Her close communication loop with us as the parents helped us all work together as a team in support of my son and his exam preparation. What is really remarkable was her seemingly endless 24/7 availability, and her non-stop effort and energy in helping my son overcome some crisis situations during his “coaching journey”. We really feel privileged that Vicki took our son under her wings. We are truly thankful for her in our lives.


Kick in the pants!

Spending a Saturday in a study skills seminar was not my idea of fun or relaxing. And then I met Dr. Rogers. SHE IS FUN! I spent 6 hours listening to her tell stories that related directly to the science behind learning and learning study tools that I needed to help me in school. I’ve been studying ALL WRONG! Best 6-hour investment of my academic career, and just in time for exams. And yes, I apologised to my parents for giving them so much grief for signing me up. ps: She baked cookies for us as one of our many snacks. Who does that?!

Justin A

Eating my words...

Both my son and daughter attended Dr. Rogers’ “Crack Your Learning Code: Death of the All Nighter!” student seminar and came away with heaps of ideas and resources that they were able to put to use right away in all of their subjects at school. The best part for me as a parent was hearing them talk about WHY certain study techniques were more effective than others, and really start to understand the science behind their learning. They also now share a common learning language and check on each other to make sure they are using the right tools for the task and not falling back into old habits. This seminar should be a mandatory prerequisite for all middle schoolers and high schoolers. I can only imagine how much more I would have enjoyed my learning journey if I knew what my kids now know about learning!

Kimberly Z

Re-thinking my learning journey

My son is in the IB system and at a critical juncture in his schooling. We needed some study skills and time management ideas STAT to get him through his mocks. As a seasoned teacher, I thought I would be able to help him through this difficult time, but I wasn’t confident in my own ability to teach him effective study techniques. Truth be told, I wasn’t taught this in my teacher training and am not exposed to this in any of the professional training I have been involved in. Dr. Rogers was able to make sense of the science behind learning and teach my son how to study. He came out of her seminar with a great sense of relief having finally learned how to learn. I am definitely going to be using some of the things he learned with my students. The challenge will be to unlearn the many ineffective study habits that my son has taught himself over the years and to use what he learned in seminar to guide his learning moving forward. I see him more motivated than I have in a long time!

Hannah T

More motivated than ever!

I’ve been working with Dr. Rogers via weekly Skype sessions. We meet and talk about the challenges I’m facing being away from home (my family still lives in Asia; I’m going to college in the States) and being a TCK. Because she went through the exact same experience, I feel like I can relate to her and trust her advice. Plus, she’s really easy to talk to. I tell her things I don’t tell other people. Dr. Rogers has also helped guide my course selection and goal setting. We use a lot of strengths language in our conversations. I love it. My parents often say they wish they had an academic life coach when they were in college. I’m in the middle of applying for a summer internship position and will be working on interview strategies and techniques with Dr. Rogers. Thank you, Dr. Rogers, for all of your academic and life advice!

Sarah C.


Dr. Rogers is well-positioned as a partner of parents and teachers to find an approach that works best for students who may be struggling in school. Her education expertise is put to use as she navigates my son’s school to make sure we are using available resources effectively.  She has worked wonders with my son, earning his trust and providing much-needed structure, new habits, and skills.  They have honest and deep conversations, not all of which I am privy to. I appreciate this as I'd like my son to feel safe and comfortable talking about where he has issues.  I am starting to see his initiative, self-advocacy, and self-esteem flourish.


Concerned mother of Middle School student

I was making terrible academic choices and social choices for the first couple of years in high school. Before Dr. Rogers started working with me, I was honestly really depressed and stressed about….everything. I sort of quit on school, on my family, and on myself. Dr. Rogers helped me uncover my strengths and refocus my attention on what I was good at. It was refreshing to hear that I didn’t suck at everything! But she also held me accountable to my learning and taught me important study skills that I knew nothing about. I’m now fighting to get my GPA up before I graduate so I can go to the college that I want to. I’m thankful I found (well, my parents found) Dr. Rogers when they did so I had time to see what I was doing to myself and my future, AND have time to turn it around!

Jennifer L.

Junior in High School

When I met Dr. Rogers, I was a mess. My lifestyle habits were horrible and my study skills were non-existent. Dr. Rogers taught me the skills that I wish I had learned from my teachers years ago. I feel like I have wasted so much time trying to figure out ways to learn better and get my grades up. Who knew study skills were actually a thing?! I’m not the same student this year as I was in 9th grade--thank GOD!

Ryan C.

Sophomore in High School

Dr. Rogers is my personal high school hacker!! She is teaching me very specific (and USEFUL) strategies on how to be more productive when I’m in class listening to class lectures, and when I’m studying. I have had to unlearn some really bad habits and that has been hard..really hard. I also had terrible time management and absolutely no sense of organization. My diet sucked and my sleep habits were non-existent. Dr. Rogers helped me understand the science behind diet, nutrition, sleep, and brain function. Dr. Rogers is tough with me when I need it. She holds me to very high standards, much higher than I had for myself. I’m working on my self-esteem and confidence. My grades are getting better, I don’t need as much extra tutoring as I did in the past. I actually feel GOOD about school for the first time...maybe ever. The only thing I would change is the timing that I met Dr. Rogers. I wonder how much more confident I would be if I had her as my coach throughout high school.

Joseph A.

Senior in High School

I’ve known Dr. Rogers for several years. All 3 of our children had Dr. Rogers as a teacher and now a coach. We have seen first-hand her drive and passion for helping students succeed and live meaningful and purposeful lives! All 3 of my children are very, very different, and yet Dr. Rogers was able to personalize her coaching to each of their individual and unique areas of need. She not only knows her stuff but is living it through Champion. Best of all, I don’t have to be the “task manager” of my children anymore!

Lexi L.

Parent of 3 very opinionated and hormonal teenagers

Your study tips have given me so much insight into high school that I wouldn’t have known before. Thank you for your time and effort...and most of all, TIPS! They have changed my high school experience already and are going to set me up to succeed in college.

Justin O.

Freshman in High School

Dr. Rogers taught me different techniques to learn and remember information better. She helped me understand how my brain worked (not at all like I thought!) and how to choose appropriate study techniques for each subject that helped my brain remember what I was taught more easily.  I didn’t even know these “tricks” existed! Now studying feels so much more manageable (and a lot less boring!). I used to feel very discouraged about school but now I feel a lot more successful!

John M.

Middle School Student

With three children ages 9-16, and experience across private and public schools in the US, Dr. Rogers is one of the most impressive educators we have ever met. When our oldest son was struggling right before midterm exams, we engaged Dr. Rogers as his coach.  Within weeks she was able to help him improve his motivation and study habits, as well as his grades.

Dr. Rogers is direct and firm, but also a great listener and a kind human being who takes a personal interest in her students that extends well beyond academics. Her approach is holistic and she spends a lot of time getting to know your child as a person, understanding his/her motivations, social pressures, and how these affect the focus and academic success of a student.

As our middle child enters high school, we are also planning to hire Dr. Rogers as his coach.  We have found no one remotely like her in Singapore (or in the US for that matter) and strongly recommend Dr. Rogers to help your child realize his/her full personal and academic potential.


Parents of a few fun-loving, fantastic, full-on teenage boys!

I was on academic probation when I met Dr. Rogers. The Dean made it clear that I needed to get my act together this semester or was going to be dismissed. I was scared and angry. I knew that I had some habits that were responsible for my grades, but I was also putting in more effort than people believed and that made me mad. Dr. Rogers helped me sort out my bad habits, learn better ones, and most importantly taught me how to learn. She also made it clear that she wasn't going to keep me on if I wasn't ready to commit to the changes she was coaching me through. Well, I committed, and I learned, and I'm no longer on academic probation! I'm actually starting to enjoy my major because things are starting to make sense and the learning doesn't seem so hard or boring anymore! Dr. Rogers is the most important Skype relationship I have!

Julian R.

A Junior in University who just learned how to learn

Vicki you in particular, and your team, had such a big and amazing impact on my daughter’s final IB results. You also helped to get an appointment with the pedestrian, which looked impossible but made a massive difference. I thank you with all my heart for what you have done for us, amazing. Please also pass our regards and thanks to “ Guru Joel”. His leadership and can-do attitude made a difference. Thanks again Vicki, stay safe and healthy, take care, and all the very best for you and your family.


German European School Singapore

Despite only working with Vicki during my senior year, her coaching allowed me to approach my final exams with a solid roadmap to success. As a result, my preparation felt neither stressful nor mentally taxing. Between digestible periods of focus, I enjoyed some of the things I love most: tennis, gymming, and eating out with friends. Vicki’s training ultimately allowed me to attain peak performance with few compromises between academic excellence and social enjoyment.


United World College South East Asia

I honestly would not have made it through 2021 without you, and I cannot thank you enough for all your support. You always believed in me when I did not and always stuck by my side through all the ups and downs. You taught me so many new skills and taught me so much about myself, especially that I can do hard things (which eventually became my senior yearbook quote!). I am so grateful to have such an incredible person in my life. You are amazing, Vicki. I cannot wait to have you follow me through my next adventures.


Tanglin Trust

COVID was hard enough as it was, but without Dr. Rogers and her team, I shudder to imagine where my kids would have been. Dr. Rogers and her team were already working in hybrid learning platforms (in-person and virtual) before COVID, which paid great dividends when Home-based Learning kicked in as a result of COVID. Critically, however, were the executive functioning skills that Dr. Rogers taught my kids, which, without them in place, I am sure they would have struggled significantly. COVID is/was challenging in and of itself. Having a solid system of learning, organization, and time management in place was “the bridge over troubled waters” (as Dr. Rogers said!). Thank you to Dr. Rogers and her team!


Singapore American School

We cannot thank Dr. Rogers for her continued encouragement and support of our son. She has walked with him through many different ages and stages of his learning journey, guiding him but also pushing him to develop his cognitive flexibility. Our so would absolutely not be celebrating the academic milestones (making honor roll again and overcoming personal challenges to name just a few!) without Dr. Rogers’ guidance. Equally, we cannot imagine how LOST we would be in the education system without her advice along the way. We are counting our blessings and will remain forever grateful for Champion support.


Candian International School

I am not sure how I would have made it through IB without Dr. Vicki coaching me through the tough last year. The skills and techniques she taught me about my executive functioning skills aided me in having my best academic year yet. I am beyond grateful for her time and effort and am now equipped with the tools to take me into University.

United World College (Singapore) Grade 12

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