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Welcome to our Champion community! 


I am excited to introduce you to our team and share the story of my educational background and professional journey that inevitably led to the development of Champion. 


At the heart of Champion support are educators who are passionate about helping students thrive in their academic and life journeys.


I have had the great honor of working directly with students in the classroom and supporting parents for over 2 decades. During that time, I taught students as young as 3 years old, all the way up to undergraduate students in university. To this day, I maintain that the best training I ever had for parenthood was the thousands of hours I spent with my students and their families! It is through my career as a teacher and educational psychologist that Champion came to be. 


Champion’s purpose is to help students uncover their strengths and help align their goals so they live an inspired and fulfilled academic life. Often, students come to us having been knocked down and beat up from years of being told what they are not good at, without enough attention given to identifying and developing their talents and strengths. 


Through a highly personalized and pastoral academic coaching and tutoring model, my team and I work hard at helping students learn the skills they need to be proactive agents in their learning journey and manage their stress, overwhelm, and expectations in our education system, which can sometimes feel cluttered and confusing. Importantly, we also work with students to help them find clarity in their purpose and goals, critical prerequisites for achieving learning outcomes and grades.


I feel tremendously fortunate to be able to help support students and families during these important educational years, and we have a committed team who advocate and champion their learning journey and continued professional development. I look forward to meeting you, introducing you to our team, and supporting you on your academic and life journey!


From the Founder


Champions Around The World
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