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Champion’s tuition team supports students in math, science, economics, business, and finance. They have extensive experience and knowledge of the International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), and International General Certification of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curricula. Collectively, they have over 25 years of experience working directly with students.


Champion’s approach is holistic in nature as we believe it’s important to not only have a firm understanding of curricular concepts but also understand how to best learn within the content of the subject itself. In other words, we believe it’s critical to have a metacognitive understanding of how learning takes place in subjects so that students can feel in control of their learning journey. 


Champion’s tuition team creates a safe, supportive, and conducive environment for learning so students are able to develop beyond the framework of their subjects. Our tutors also have experience working with neurodiverse learners and create personalized learning programs to support their needs. 

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Is Tutoring For Me?

Many students’ timetables are stretched and stressed with various activities during the week, making it difficult to get the structured support outside of class that they need to stay on top of coursework. While many students can find adequate help within their normal school day by making use of school resources, some also find great benefit with external support to help organize their thoughts, reinforce concepts, and extend their learning. 


Have you been an active learner in school? In order to maximize the value of external support, you first must fully engage in your classroom activities, and we encourage you to exhaust all resources available in school to provide additional support. If you feel like you have taken full advantage of your in-school help and are still struggling to understand and apply concepts learned in class, then tuition can be helpful.


**Champion tutors provide both enrichment and remediation support (RTI).


Privacy Promise: Client confidentiality and discretion is of the utmost importance at Champion. All information is considered privileged, and confidentiality begins with our first conversation and continues indefinitely.  © 2017 Champion Coaching & Consulting Pte. Ltd. 201708239E