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The Champion Team

Dr. Vicki Rogers (Founder - Leads Academic Coaching & Consultations)

Dr. Rogers leads Champion's academic-life coaching support, teaching students important executive functioning, study, and test-taking skills necessary to be successful in their learning journey. She works with students across the learning continuum, and has extensive experience working with neurodiverse learners. In parallel, Dr. Rogers also coaches parents to help them understand how to best support their children in this learning journey. Additionally, she regularly provides consulting services to schools with regards to curricular development and integration of science-based study skills in their programs. 


Dr. Rogers brings over 25 years of teaching experience across all levels of learning (from preschool through university) at high-performing academic institutions in the United States and around the world. During this time she has taught thousands of students and helped to coach them through their academic and life journeys. This first-hand experience with students (and parents too!) who were often stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious allowed for careful observation of children and young adults in their sometimes ‘unnatural habitat’ of school, and the impact that this setting had on developing their executive functioning skills. 


Informed by these years of interactions, Dr. Rogers started Champion to support students as they navigate their academically challenging environments, and position themselves to enjoy their learning journeys. After moving out of the formal classroom, her motivation as an educator has not changed, only shifted slightly in its focus: to support her students - who she calls her “Champions” - in their personal academic and life journeys, with a focus on executive functioning skills development that will serve them across a wide range of subject matter. Dr. Rogers believes that young adults who understand their learning style and unique strength sets will be successful in learning, and live inspired, confident, purposeful lives. 


Dr. Rogers’ upbringing as a bilingual Third Culture Kid in Asia also allows her to easily connect with students from many different walks of life and inspire them to reach new heights of success in striving to achieve their goals. Her motto “Be Responsible For Your Own Intelligence!”, is something that was emblazoned on the wall of her classroom for decades. A natural learner herself, she is passionate about imparting this self-motivation to her students through her own love of learning.


Dr. Rogers’ academic background includes both a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science and Economics from Colorado State University, and a Doctorate in Education from Durham University (UK), along with a post-doctoral certification in Executive Leadership from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. She is also a certified Strengths Communicator and Practitioner©, and as an educational psychologist, is passionate about the science behind learning and the brain.


As a staunch believer in total wellness, Dr. Rogers is an avid runner and swimmer, and takes every opportunity to play outdoors, whether in the rainforests of Singapore or the mountains of Colorado, where she calls home. She loves spending time with her son, husband, and hyperactive Vizsla.

“Be Responsible For Your Own Intelligence!”

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Mr. Joel Randall (Leads Tutoring Support)

Early in his education, Joel became a keen observer of his teachers, comparing their different philosophies and instructional approaches. By continuing his careful analysis throughout his years of learning, he slowly and deliberately amassed a collection of effective teaching techniques and was inspired to master them himself and become an academic tutor, specializing in his favorite subjects: math, science, and economics.


​In his work as a tutor over the past decade, Joel has ensured that each student engages their critical thinking to develop a picture of the world at the atomic level and couples that understanding with the mathematical language which we apply to study solve and explain problems.


Joel ensures that his students set and maintain clear goals for their subject learning. His extensive experience with different curricula allows him to scope and sequence his instruction that aligns with his student’s programs. Joel also integrates a range of executive functioning tools that support effective instruction, and help students develop command in their subjects. He is known amongst his students for his lesson notes and supporting material that teaches them to work independently and confidently.


Over the years, Joel has taught a myriad of different learners who come from a variety of neurodiverse backgrounds. This has provided him with the ability to anticipate pitfalls and provide the essential mechanisms to facilitate problem solving.


In his spare time, Joel enjoys running professional development opportunities with Champion’s tutors. He also enjoys travelling, time with his family and trying new food.


Joel has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance (Hons) from the University of London (in association with London School of Economics and Political Sciences) and a Postgraduate Certification in Education (International) from the University of Nottingham.


Cindy Gilbert (Leads Evaluations & Counseling)

Cindy is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NSCP) and Educational Specialist in School Psychology (Ed. S.). She completed her professional training as an Educational Specialist (Ed. S.) in School Psychology through Millersville University of Pennsylvania and is accredited through the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) in the United States. Cindy is a full member of the Singapore Psychological Society. She served in the public school system in Pennsylvania, working with children with Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as children with other complex developmental disorders and learning differences. 


During her time in Singapore which spans over the past 12 years, Cindy has been working in a similar capacity,  supporting families and children in the school environment with professional evaluations to ensure appropriate support while providing counseling and collaborative teacher consultation. Proper evaluation is accomplished through a process including a holistic, ecosystemic approach, where the child, along with their interactions in all contexts and with all people, are considered by a multidisciplinary team in order to ensure any diagnosis is appropriate and can be supported with relevant and actionable recommendations for all stakeholders. Additionally, Cindy has trained faculty and staff in Singapore and abroad in both LGBTQ+ competency and crisis preparedness, and has been invited to join community panel discussions on child issues and concerns.


As part of her day to day role, Cindy offers counseling, psychological consultation, psychological assessments, and evidence-based interventions to school faculty & staff,  parents and other caretakers as appropriate. Other services offered are training and Continuous Professional Development on PREPaRE (comprehensive crisis curriculum) for schools, LGBTQ+ awareness and support workshops, functional behavior assessments and neurodiverse educational training to teachers and staff. Cindy is a certified Strengths Communicator and Practitioner© and strongly believes in a strengths-based approach when working with students and families. 


In her spare time, Cindy enjoys hiking, reading, and calls with her children, all of whom reside in the United States. 

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