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We conduct a number of different active learning parent workshops and student seminars full of practical advice based on scientific evidence and brain research. Champion Academy harnesses the power of collaboration without compromising the personalization of instruction.

Workshops and Seminars

Crack Your Learning Code: Death of the All Nighter!

Students will emerge from this seminar knowing how to work smarter rather than harder so they can achieve more in less time, lower their stress levels, and increase their appreciation for their learning journey.

Now more than ever, students want to learn more about themselves as learners and how to be their best selves in school. The problem is, they don’t know where to start! Students of any ability can benefit from learning how to learn. The Champion Study Cycle Curriculum™ brings the science of learning together with the art of teaching to demonstrate to students how to actively engage in their learning.

Champion Academy’s Student Seminar, “Crack Your Learning Code: Death of The All Nighter!” uncovers the science behind how we learn and teaches smart systems for managing tasks. During this full-day intensive seminar, students will be taken through the Champion Study Cycle Curriculum™, which will offer a deep understanding of how learning works, and provide a toolbox full of study skills and important executive functioning skills to support their academic and life journey. Dr. Rogers will share her own “tips and tricks” that she has designed, tested and perfected over 20 years of instruction and curriculum design to teach students how to:

• Create strong habits

• Enhance their focus

• Keep their motivation levels high

• Boost their memory

• Tackle difficult concepts

• Learn critical study skills strategies

• Understand the science behind effective note-taking

• Improve their diet, sleep and exercise to enhance their learning

• …and more!

Flexing Your Champion Study Skills

Do you know need an extra boost to set those study skills in motion? Do you know what you need to do but need some extra help with application and execution?


This seminar is offered to students who have completed “Crack Your Learning Code: Death of the All Nighter”. It focuses on applying the skills and tools learned from Champion’s Study Cycle to specific assignments and subjects in school. Students emerge with greater confidence in not only the application of specific skills to tasks but also as creators of their own active learning tools.


• Apply Champion study skills to specific projects & assignments from school

• Learn how to develop and modify your own active learning tools

• Practice using Champion time management tools

• Learn valuable teacher “love language” that will help you self-advocate and communicate clearly to get what you need out of all your classes

Beyond Book Smart: Supporting Your Smart But Scattered Child By Developing Strong Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills have been getting a lot of air time over the last few years, and for good reason: they matter a lot! In this seminar, Dr. Rogers unpacks what executive functioning skills are and how to help support their development both at home and in your child’s academic life journey. Dr. Rogers brings over 25 years of teaching experience across all levels of learning (from preschool through university) at high-performing academic institutions in the United States and around the world. During this time she has taught thousands of students and helped to coach them through their academic and life journeys. This first-hand experience with students (and parents too!) who were often stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious allowed for careful observation of children and young adults in their sometimes ‘unnatural habitat’ of school, and the impact that this setting had on developing their executive functioning skills. 

Uncover Your Strengths to Empower Your Journey!

Do you feel like your teachers and parents spend a lot of time focusing on your areas of weakness? Are you mid-way through college and realizing that you are not at all passionate about your major? Are you looking for direction to help guide and inform big life decisions in a way that tap into your natural talents? Do you wonder how to make the best use of your strengths in school and in life?

The reality is, precious little time is dedicated to helping students discover what their unique talents are, and then supporting further development of them into strengths so that you can really excel when it comes time to apply these aptitudes to life. Just like going to the gym to work out your muscles and make them stronger, we need to do the same for our intellectual and emotional strengths! Champion’s strengths-based student workshop will help you:

• Discover and develop your greatest natural talents to progress to levels of personal excellence

• Improve your grades and improve your learning by making the most of your talents

• Determine a rewarding career path based on your unique strengths and interests

• Apply your talents in leadership, service, and relationship-building of all types

Decoding The Relationship With Your Kids: Strengths-Based Parenting

Do you know what your own strengths are and how to leverage them to support your child’s development? Do you want to learn how to effectively communicate and reduce misunderstanding with your child? Are you interested in identifying your child’s innate talents and helping to cultivate them into strengths? Do you want to share a common language with your child and get their attention like never before?


There’s no shortage of parenting advice out there. Unlike most parenting books that focus on weaknesses, strengths-based parenting focuses on identifying and understanding what your children are naturally good at and environments where they will thrive. It also helps you uncover your own strengths so that you can effectively apply them to your individual parenting style. This workshop gives you the opportunity to explore your own personal strengths, and learn how to relate them to those of your child so that you can better understand one another, and create an open, communicative, supportive environment for your learning journey together. It is full of practical advice that you can immediately put to use. In Champion’s strengths-based parent workshop, you will:​


• Discover your top 5 strengths using the StrengthsFinder psychometric

• Embrace your individual parenting style by developing your own (and your children’s) unique talents and strengths 

• Learn how to communicate, reduce misunderstanding, tailor discipline, resolve conflicts, and use encouragement
in a strength-based manner with your children

• Tap into each other’s strengths in the family 

• Gain alignment on optimal path for growth & development 

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Crack Your Learning Code
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