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What is Strengths-Based Coaching?

Strengths-based coaching is a process that helps students and parents discover and develop their strengths by building on what they do best – the way they most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals. Dr. Rogers is a trained and certified Strengths Communicator and Practitioner©; using the science-based StrengthsFinder, StrengthsQuest and StrengthsExplorer psychometric tools to help guide her strengths-based coaching with students and families.

Strengths-Based Coaching for Students

Students take a strengths psychometric that will guide and inform a personalized strengths portfolio that Dr. Rogers creates. This assessment tool has an international presence as a talent measurement instrument and is helping thousands of students at more than 600 schools and universities to discover and build upon their talents and strengths. In Dr. Rogers’ strengths-based coaching with students, she helps them learn how to:

  • Discover and develop their greatest natural talents to progress to levels of personal excellence

  • Improve their grades and increase their learning by making the most of their talents

  • Determine a rewarding career path based on their unique strengths

  • Apply their talents in leadership, service, and relationship building of all types

Strengths-Based Coaching for Parents

Discover your unique talents and strengths, and learn how to use them to empower your parenting journey. Enhance your individual parenting style and support your children in developing their own talents and strengths.


In Champion’s strength-based parent coaching sessions, you will learn practical parenting advice, supported by best practice, neuroscience, and over two decades of research grounded in strengths psychology. There is not a prescription for parenting, but understanding your strengths as well as your child’s helps to provide a blueprint to help you:


  • Communicate, reduce misunderstanding, tailor discipline, and use encouragement in a  strength-based manner with your children

  • Manage challenges and disappointments, and find the learning opportunities in adversity

  • Establish a critical co-parenting platform with your partner

  • Time and message important communication

  • Establish important routines and schedules for your family (and yourself!)

  • Effectively communicate with your child’s school

  • Support your child in their unique academic and life journey, and help them find their path to 

  • Becoming successful adults

  •  ...and more!

Parents have repeatedly affirmed that sharing a common strength-based language has been transformative in the relationship with their children.


Your family is the most important operating system in the world. Your parenting role is the most important job you will ever have. Enjoy the journey!  

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