1. What’s the difference between academic coaching and tutoring?

2. How do we get started with coaching?

3. How many sessions should I plan on?

4. What forms of payment do you accept?

5. Do virtual sessions work?

6. What happens in a typical coaching session?

7. Where can I find more information on coaching?

8. How does coaching help with challenges in traditional schools?

Frequently asked questions

Coaching and Tutoring

What’s the difference between academic-life coaching and subject specific tutoring?

Tuition: Subject-specific tutoring helps students with particular content related support. If you need help learning, relearning, reinforcing or pre-learning specific content, our tutoring team can help you hone the skills you need to excel in distinct subject areas. The tutoring support offered by Champion can help support learners struggling to grasp key concepts, get caught up, or to get ahead and push their understanding beyond what is being taught as part of the base curriculum in the classroom. Academic-Life Coaching: Alternatively, if you aren’t necessarily looking for support with individual subjects, but instead need help organizing your thinking, writing, researching, understanding why you’re having a hard time learning concepts taught in class, are struggling with executing functioning skills, or don’t know how to study, academic coaching is for you and Dr. Rogers can help support your journey. The focus of academic coaching is on students’ general academic and life success, which means we will first investigate elements that make learning challenging, teach new learning strategies, and help to refine crucial skills like time management and organization so that you can learn more confidently and independently in any subject. The goal of academic coaching is to have you become self-sufficient. Once we make progress on some baseline management skills and implement certain learning strategies, you will start to enjoy the learning process more and become an independent, confident thinker ready to take on any subject matter.

How do we get started with Champion support?

Step One: Schedule a session with Dr. Rogers where she will discuss your / your child’s situation, what you are looking to achieve, and how we can help you work towards successfully meeting your goals. Step Two: We jump right in and start the highly personalized process of designing a coaching / tutoring schedule that is appropriate for you. If academic-life coaching is our focus, we will uncover the essentials about your strengths and challenges as a student. Dr. Rogers will teach you new skills & habits which will be practiced and refined over time. We will record and measure everything we do on a unique coaching tool called your “Habits Graph”, and we will put together your personal PULSE™ portfolio to help track your progress. If life coaching or young adult transition is our focus, Dr. Rogers will spend time uncovering and analyzing your unique strengths and interest profile, identifying your purpose and aligning goals, and developing your personal PULSE™ portfolio. These tools will help tremendously when we start looking at possible career paths and job opportunities. The transition from school to the working world can be one of the more exciting and tumultuous transitions in your life. Understanding your strengths and purposely aligning your goals ensures you start your professional career off in the right direction. If tutoring is our focus, Dr. Rogers will arrange an introductory session with one of Champion’s subject tutors, and together you will develop a plan to work towards achieving identified goals in one or more subject areas.

How many sessions should I plan on?

This differs from student to student. Some learners only require a booster set of 6-8 sessions centered around a specific goal, while other learners will be recommended for weekly support (especially if there are neurodiverse learning considerations). More than frequency, we know that consistency is the key to learning, flexing and habituating new habits and optimizing the learning process. This looks different for every learning and will be assessed early in the process.

What forms of payment do you accept? Do you have a cancellation policy?

Champion bills at an hourly rate (in Singapore dollars) and accepts payment via bank transfers or cheque. Cheques can be made to: Champion Coaching & Consulting Pte. Ltd. **Note: Champion maintains a full 48-hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to attend a previously scheduled appointment, we ask that you provide notice of your intent to cancel at least 48-hours in advance to enable us to reschedule for another student. If scheduled sessions are canceled less than 48-hours in advance, full payment will remain due. There is a no Refund/Transfer/Postponement policy for Champion workshop registrations. Once paid, all registration fees are non-refundable.

Does Champion offer virtual coaching & tuition support?

Virtual sessions are often as good as (and sometimes even better than, depending on the circumstance!) in-person coaching. Champion supports students and families in a number of countries across five continents, and timezones spanning the globe. Thanks to Google Docs, screen sharing, video chatting, online drawing tools, and more, virtual Champions are able to stay busy and engaged throughout the year. We are available to anyone, anywhere in the world thanks to today’s technology brought to us by various online platforms like Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Zoom, etc.

What does the research say about academic-life coaching support?

Check out the research about the short and long term benefits of learning, developing and habituating strong executive functioning and study skills.

How does academic-life coaching help with common challenges experienced in school?

Psychological Assessments & Evaluations

What is a Psychological Evaluation?

A psychological evaluation is a group of assessments given to students to better understand their learning profile. It gives valuable information on how people learn, and their strengths and weaknesses. A psych-ed evaluation has four different areas that provide context: norm referenced or standardized assessments, interviews, behavioral observations and informal assessment procedures. Additional assessments, should they be deemed necessary, are available. They include assessments measuring neuropsychological deficits fitting within the school neuropsychological conceptual model of assessment.

Why is it important for my child?

An evaluation can help parents and educators target learning weaknesses and build on strengths. It is a multimethod assessment, which means information is gathered from several relevant sources and interpreted to understand the person’s cognitive, academic and social strengths and weaknesses. It will help caretakers and educators understand the nature, presence and degree of any learning or social/emotional needs of a child.

Who will conduct my child’s Educational Pyschological Evaluation?

A highly trained and qualified psychologist will facilitate the evaluation. Champion’s psychologist is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (USA) with many years of experience working in schools, conducting assessments and interpreting results.

What does a Psychological Evaluation involve?

Champion’s psychologist will meet with your child for four to five hours. An optimal testing session is done in one setting, but may be seperated into two seperate sessions if a personal circumstances require it. To minimize distractions, parents are not allowed in the room while the assessments are being conducted, but are welcome to wait close by.

What skills and abilities are assessed in the evaluation?

Cognitive processing, reading, reading comprehension, written expression, math skills, listening skills and spelling are covered in all evaluations. In some cases if determined necessary, assessments to test attention, focus, emotional development, social development and memory are also included in the evaluation.

How can I prepare my child for this experience?

Let your child know they are going to be having some assessments done in order to help you and them understand themselves better. Our Champion psychologist can answer any questions or concerns your child may have during the session. This is handled in a positive manner with careful attention given to articulating how the experience will help the child be most successful.