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Assessment & Evaluation 

Having worked in international schools as a counselor for almost two decades, I can attest to the fact that Cindy Gilbert is a true gem. Cindy is a professional with the highest integrity and professionalism. It was invaluable having Cindy as a school psychologist to collaborate about student concerns and have her professional guidance on creating optimal education plans. Cindy works with parents, but what stands out to me is how she works with students. Cindy spends hours with students and families assessing - in my experience, the student is often forgotten in the follow-up. Cindy is a compassionate professional who includes the child to help them understand, at their developmental level, their strengths, abilities, and how to build on their skills. Collaborating with Cindy in creating a therapeutic plan was always meaningful and purposeful. She provides families with a thorough understanding of their child's development, goals, and action steps. I cannot speak highly enough about Cindy's expertise and kindness in working with families.  


International School Counselor

As a fellow clinician and colleague, I had the pleasure of working with and regularly consulting with Cindy.  Throughout our tenure together, she showed leadership and knowledge of best practices to promote learning.  What impressed me was her ability to interact in a wonderfully personable manner, as evidenced in her extraordinary relationship with her students, teachers, administrators, and parents. 

Cindy demonstrated sensitivity to the child’s environment and needs to determine appropriate services and programs beneficial to students with special learning needs.  As part of a multi-disciplinary team, she collaborated with staff members to coordinate student interventions.  At the same time, Cindy took the initiative to work with parents to help them understand the needs and problems of the children and manage their children’s behavior in a positive, constructive manner.  Cindy is both a parent and professional, and she uses her experiences to make a difference in the lives of her students.

Cindy’s evaluation reports were useful and provided comprehensive assessments for academic, attention, and learning disorder concerns.  Her recommendations were practical.  In addition, Cindy conducted workshops for teachers to further understand their students.  She made herself available to teachers to help them implement classroom management activities in their classrooms. Cindy genuinely puts a priority on the academic and emotional success of her students.


Former International School Psychologist

I first met Mrs Gilbert during COVID when I had some difficulties when being calm. She helped me process the logical outcome of the scenarios I shared with her and comforted me when I had anxiety during the day. She constantly checked in on me in her free time.  She is caring, compassionate, and probably the best counsellor I’ve ever had. She also helped me dearly when my dog ran away, although my dog was never retrieved or found. Mrs. Gilbert said extremely comforting things and made me feel better about the situation.

RJ (Middle School Student)

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