Naga helped me during my crucial GCE O Levels Examinations, helping me turn my perpetually failing Math grade into a distinction! More than the instruction, Naga instilled a sense of confidence in me to overcome my math phobia.


Lawyer recently called to the bar.

I was tutored by Joel from 2015 to 2017, during which I was taught Maths, Chemistry as well as Economics.

In 2015, when Joel started tutoring me, I remember how academically weak I was. I had a weak foundation in both Mathematics as well as the Sciences and on top of that, I also possessed a poor learning attitude; whereby I lacked motivation and discipline which caused me to lag behind my peers in school. However, things took a drastic turn when Joel started mentoring me and I’m glad to say that it was most definitely a positive change.

His friendly and bubbly nature made communication easier and his non-judgemental approach created a conducive and healthy environment for me to learn and absorb the most. I was never afraid to clarify my doubts or ask questions. His personal interest and passion in the subjects he taught catalysed the same interest in me. I was motivated to work harder in school and started adopting good studying habits, some of which were drawn from the advice Joel had shared with me.

Joel is extremely dedicated to his students; he always goes out of his way to check up on us 

and goes the extra mile to help us. He took a personal concern towards my grades and performance in school. I can safely say that without Joel, I would not have achieved 9 points in my O level Examinations. I will forever be indebted to him for propelling me forward and helping me to realise my own potential. For someone who was getting a bunch of Cs and Ds for internal school examinations, even dreaming of getting 9 points for O levels may have seemed to be an impossible and unrealistic goal. But Joel never gave up on me or saw me as a failure that was beyond any help. He didn’t just teach me for the sake of it. He genuinely wanted me to succeed and was there throughout my journey. 

Anyone who has the great fortune of being tutored by Joel in math and science truly in good hands.


Catholic Junior College

Working with Naga over 3 years helped me build my problem-solving skills in Math and Science subjects. Over and above that, he helped me develop the confidence to attempt difficult questions independently, even to the extent of entering Math Olympiad competitions. 


About to graduate from University with a degree in accounting and finance

Before starting my lessons with Joel, I was mainly struggling with Economics. We decided it would be good to review from the beginning of the year so we could make sure I had a strong understanding of the foundations of the topic. I now feel much more confident in the subject and have learned to think with more complexity and now know how to appropriately answer questions by incorporating key terms. My issues have been addressed and we now review topics occasionally to make sure my understanding is always correct. I also struggled with Chemistry and after a couple of sessions, started understanding the topic much more thanks to the precise explanations Joel gave. My basics to the subject are much stronger and this has benefitted me to use my knowledge in test questions which may not always be completely related to the unit. I highly recommend Joel to anyone as his lessons are really engaging and I have tremendously benefitted from the lessons.


Grade 9 Student, UWCSEA

Naga is our “go-to guy” when we have students who require math and science support outside of school. We have always received positive feedback from students who we refer to, and they seem to enjoy their interactions with him.


Former support teacher in an international school in Singapore

I was struggling with AP Economics and mathematics. I benefited with Joel because I felt that I had a way better understanding of things I learned in class days before. I would 100% recommend this to others because these sessions are making me become more knowledgeable about a course I’m taking to get a better grade and understanding.

Mikey M

Grade 11, at an International school in Singapore

Three of our kids received math and science support from Naga during their high school years and all are more confident learners as a result of it. Naga’s support helped them keep up with the rigors of higher-level math in high school and eventually college.

W Family

All in.

I am writing with enthusiasm to thank Joel Randall. I know Joel from when he was my teacher a couple of years ago. I was taught by him during Secondary School and continued under his tutelage until I graduated from Junior College (JC). This adds up to 5 years of being tutored by him (from 2013-2017). He taught me Economics and Mathematics in JC and the Sciences when I was in Secondary School. His undying passion for teaching and his natural ability to let him be understood really helped me progress academically.

Joel possesses many qualities that really make him suitable to be a teacher. One of them being how he goes the extra mile to perfect his teaching process. He understands how precious time can be for a JC student and created his own set of concise notes to let me grasp the economic and math concepts faster. This in turn allowed me to allocate more time to practice on my writing and thought-process skills. Time-management skills were something else I learned from him. During his free time, he created an organised schedule for studying (for every subject I used to take) which helped me to create my own systematic way of studying.

Joel also created study groups within his students, based on their age and the subject he was teaching, for us to learn from one another. This really opened my eyes to how others were tackling their exam questions and I was able to gain inspiration from them. On top of that, it served as a platform for friendly competition to take place. Without a doubt, this gave me the boost I needed to stay motivated during those stressful exam periods.

Most importantly, Joel is not just some tutor my parents hired for me to get better at school. Over the years we developed a kind of familial bond. He was like an older sibling to me. Outside of just the academic portion of life, he would give me suggestions and tips for my future and career-planning. He even let me read his own academic readings and personal essays to illustrate ideas and theoretical suggestions/arguments. He even goes out of his way and, whenever possible, extends lessons for me whenever I needed it.

So very thankful and appreciative. 

S Guganesh

Innova Junior College

I always struggled with Math which led to anxiety around anything math-related for me. After working with Naga, however, I have come to realize how important it is to have a strong foundation and understanding of fundamentals. This has helped me build a more solid understanding and confidence when learning concepts that stem from that. I am now a much more curious learner and feel less intimidated in math.


College Freshman

Before I started my tuition with Joel, my Science used to be very weak. I did not understand the topics and I was too afraid to ask anyone for help. I was scoring 74 to 77 for Science and I had many doubts. When I started my tuition journey with Joel, he picked up on my lack of confidence and patiently worked to help me develop my understanding and eventual confidence. I really appreciated it. I started to notice a drastic improvement in my practice papers (about 10 marks). I also found that I was able to optimize my learning in school and understand more of what my teachers were teaching. Very thankful Joel.

Joel is now teaching me Secondary 1 Mathematics and Science and I am doing well. In my opinion, the qualities that stand out for Joel is his patience and his willingness to go the extra mile for his students. For example, he regularly gives me extra materials to work with. He also writes notes for me at times that I can refer to for practice. I feel that these qualities really make Joel stand out from other tutors. I am extremely thankful to him for his investment in my educational journey.

SV Nirranjan

Raffles Institution. Forever Grateful.

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